The largest exhibit of the Sybir Memorial Museum has now returned to Bialystok!

The Sybir Memorial Museum has in its collection a unique, powerful exhibit - a two-axle freight wagon of the Russian construction from 1892, so-called “tiepłuszka”. In such wagons, Polish deportees were deported deep into the Soviet Union. Last year, this priceless exhibit was transported from Białystok to Malbork, where it underwent renovation, and then to Łapy, where it was safely stored.

Today it was transported to the construction site of the Sybir Memorial Museum. The wagon placed in the main building of the Museum will be a symbolic gate through which all visitors will pass.

We are glad that "tiepłuszka" is with us again. This is a special moment in the history of the Sybir Memorial Museum. Today's transport is another important stage bringing us closer to the completion of this important investment for our region.

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