Building structure design

The Sybir Memorial Museum finds its location in the warehouse no. 5 at Węglowa Street. The competition for the design of the Museum structure, announced in 2011, was won by “Arkon”of Jan Kabac. The concept developed by the architectural design office assumes keeping the original military warehouse building in its unchanged form. The brick facade will be cleaned and refreshed. The two-storey warehouse will house the main part of the exhibition, while the administration of the Museum will be located in a new adjacent building which will also house conference rooms, a library, educational rooms, a cafeteria and the whole back office of the Museum. The designed structure is rough. The basic building blocks are concrete and glass. The planned building is to be full of symbols relating to Siberian penal servitude of Polish people, e.g. the Museum complex will be surrounded by a forest of steel pillars which is to be, in the architect’s idea, a relation to the Siberian taiga.

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