RzeczyViste on the Liberty Square in Poznań

Everyday objects, family photographs or toys – among others, such things appeared on the Liberty Square in Poznań as a part of the RzeczyViste installation. The exhibition, which could be seen on Saturday (August 22), was presented in cooperation with the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence.

RzeczyViste is a project implemented by the Sybir Memorial Museum. It consists of a large number of various everyday objects, located in the city space without a strictly defined key. In front of each item there is a black or white plate with a brief description of its owner 's fate. It contains basic information about the deported: name, age and place of deportation. RzeczyViste is an attempt to create a relationship with the viewer through art. It is a metaphor for an open suitcase.

The items were selected for the installation to resemble those which accompanied people deported to Siberia.

The author of the installation is Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano.

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