#Zapamietani – your photos at the permanent exhibition of the Sybir Memorial Museum

Together, we are creating The Sybir Memorial Museum!

#Zapamietani  the final hall of the permanent exhibition will commemorate Siberian deportees and their families spread throughout the world. Thus, we will show that, although you reside in the far corners of the world, you are with us.

We need your photographs!

How it works?

Remember to stay at home. Ask a housemate to take a photograph of you with a camera or a phone and help with sending it to the Museum.

Where can you take a photograph?

1. Take a photograph in a vertical position with a camera or a phone.
2. Make use of the natural light. Stay next to a window at a distance of 2–3 steps.
3. Do not pose in the stream of light behind you – neither in the sunlight, nor on the background of the window.
4. If it is cloudy, stand near a window, so the scattered light can slightly illuminate one side of your face.
5. Choose an interesting background, e.g. something characteristic for you: a flowerbed or a bookshelf. Pay attention to the items behind you. Remove watches, mirrors, glass picture frames in which the photographer can reflect him/herself, as well as step away from the TV set. Stand 2-3 steps away from the background.

How to do a good shot?

1. Choose a ¾ person in frame the lower edge should be below the hip line. Do not crop the photograph at your wrists.
2. Say cheese!

What else?

We need your consent to use the photograph. Remember to send the completed declaration together with the photograph!

How to send them?

1. Use the online form available at www.zapamietani.eu, or

2. The completed declaration together with the photograph send to the e-mail address: wystawy@sybir.bialystok.pl.

Download Rules and Regulations

Download Declaration

Sample photos may look like this:


Do góry