The Work on the Artistic Installation Entitled "People of the Ice"

Building the prmanent exhibition is a priority task for the Sybir Memorial Museum which is planed to be completed by the end of this year. One of the elements of the exhibition will be the artistic installation entilted "People of the Ice", which will be placed at a central point of the Museum.

The author of the project of the installation is Martyna Pająk. Her work was appreciated in the competition announced in 2019. The artist from Poznan received the first prize and an invitation to negotiations. Discussions on the details of the project started at the beginning of the year. During the recent negotiations, the artist was finally selected as the contractor of the installation and she commited to complete it by the end of October 2020. The artistic installation "People of the Ice" will be part of the permanent exhibition dedicated  to deportees to Siberia.

The artistic installation is intended to encourage people to stop while visiting the exhibition and to reflect on the fate of the exiles. "People of the Ice" are figures frozen in time.  The inspiration for their creation were ice stalagmites. Falling drops are to be formed as a symbol of the passing time. The installation is meant to symbolize the pain and suffering that exiles to Siberia grappled with.

We invite you to check the artist's activities on her official website -


The project "Implementation of a Permanent Exhibition and Purchase of Equipment for the Needs of the Sybir Memorial Museum" is implemented under the measure 8.1 Protection of Cultural Heritage and Development of Cultural Resources VIII of the priority axis, Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014–2020,

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