New Year's Meeting For The Sybir Memorial Museum's Friends

New Year's Meeting For The Sybir Memorial Museum's Friends

On Thursday (30/01) Siberian deportees and their relatives visited the new headquarters of the Museum. Arrived guests were welcomed by prof. Wojciech Śleszyński - the director of the Museum and  institution's employees.

This meeting was an opportunity to talk and learn about the museum’s activities and to visit the building located at ul. Węglowa 1 in Białystok.

The year 2020 is primarily an intensive work on the permanent exhibition - emphasized Wojciech Śleszyński during the meeting:

Soon residents and tourists not only from Poland but also from abroad will be able to visit this place and learn about the difficult, painful history of those who were deported to Siberia. However, before this will happen, we still have several months of intense work on our 'institution's heart' on the permanent exhibition at the Sybir Memorial Museum, which is being intensively prepared by the entire Museum team.

The visit to the building and the museum's spaces, where the permanent exhibition is being built, was accompanied by huge emotions. In there will be placed souvenirs given by Siberian deportees.

We invite you to watch photos from the meeting.

photo. Sybir Memorial Museum

The project 'Implementation Of A Permanent Exhibition And Purchase Of Equipment For The Needs Of The Sybir Memorial Museum" is implemented under the measure 'Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources' - the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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