We got to know the Audio Guide System's Contractor

The Sybir Memorial Museum is not slowing down, despite the ongoing pandemic. Another very important contract was signed remotely. This time it concerns the Audio Guide System.


Testimonies of deportees in a unique binding.


Works on the construction of the Sybir Memorial Museum's permanent exhibition have been underway for several months. Deko-Bau Sp. z o.o Company is dealing with this part of the investment. The exhibition will have a narrative character. This means that the exhibits together with the scenery and multimedia will form a compatible whole that will fill nearly 2,000 square  meters of the exhibition.


The experienced team MOVITECH from Cracow, with which the Sybir Memorial Museum has just signed a contract, will be responsible for the multimedia, and precisly for the implementation of audioguides. MOVITECH has made many multimedia projects so far, including those in: Museum of Warsaw, Malbork Castle Museum , Witold Gombrowicz Museum in Vence or Museum of the Second World War.


The uniqueness of the audio guide of the Sybir Memorial Museum will be based on the use of deportees' testimonies. Their voices together with relations will show visitors around the main exhibition. They will allow our guests to feel deportees' fate and suffering. During the visit, you will be able to listen to memories about, among others,  arrests, travel to Siberia, stay in exile, or memories about pre-war Bialystok. This is possible thanks to huge and unique collection of testimonies collected by the Sybir Memorial Museum.


The project "Implementation of a Permanent Exhibition and Purchase of Equipment for the Needs of the Sybir Memorial Museum" is implemented under the measure 8.1 Protection of Cultural Heritage and Development of Cultural Resources VIII of the priority axis, Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014–2020, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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