80th Anniversary Of The First Mass Deportation To The East

On 10th February marks exactly 80 years since the first mass deportation to Siberia.

Among the initiatives which commemorate the events from 80 years ago, there were among others: the 2nd Sybir Memorial Run, the action ‘Light of Remembrance’ - light candles on the railway tracks at the headquarters of the Sybir Memorial Museum and place flowers at the monument - The Memorial Sign of Polish Golgotha of the East.

On Monday, in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Siberian Deportee, official city celebrations were held. They were related to the anniversary of the deportation and, at the same time, they were a tribute to Poles who were deported to the East. At midday, the first mass deportation to the inhuman land was commemorated by the sound of the sirens.

After the city celebrations, at the Conference Center of the Białystok Archdiocese at Kościelna str., was organized a meeting. It was prepared by the Sybir Memorial Museum and the Association of Siberian Deportees. The ceremony was attended by, among others: Rafał Rudnicki - the vice president of the city, Bohdan Paszkowski - the voivode of Podlasie, Tadeusz Chwiedz - the president of the  Association of Siberian Deportees in Białystok and Wojciech Śleszyński - the director of the Sybir Memorial Museum.

After the speech given by Tadeusz Chwiedz, the artistic part and the concert ‘With the Homeland In The Heart’ were presented by the youth from Primary School No. 12. The meeting was also accompanied by the presentation of the films ‘Siberian Etudes’. The short reportages were prepared by students of the 1st. 3rd. and 8th. High Schools as a part of the Eastern Film Academy.

We invite you to watch photos from the 80th anniversary celebrations of the first mass deportation to Siberia.

Fot. Jan Szewczyk / MPS

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