Souvenirs of the Czulwik family

The Sybir Memorial Museum has been enriched with new collections, behind which there is an extraordinary history ... These are memorabilia associated with the Czulwik family, handed over by Mr. Jaroslaw Olbrychowski - President of the Association "Police Family 1939" in Lodz.

The father of the family - Jerzy Aleksander Czulwik, a participant in the war of 1918-1921, after serving in military service, joined the State Police. After Soviet aggression on September 17, 1939, Jerzy Czulwik was evacuated with the entire outpost in an unknown direction. The only message the family received was a postcard. He was imprisoned in the camp in Ostaszków, then he was transported to Kalinin and there in 1940 he was shot by the NKVD. 

Soon after Czulwik was arrested, his wife and his daughters were deported to Siberia. They came to the city of Orsk, located in the eastern part of the USSR, in the Ural Mountains. They stayed there until 1946, when Sabina Czulwik received a certificate from the Polish-Soviet Committee for the Evacuation of people of Polish and Jewish nationality, under which she was able to return to Poland. In May 1946, together with her daughters, she registered at the Stage of the State Repatriation Office in Łódź. She lived in this city until the end of her life.

From the document in the collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum, it appears that the daughter of Jerzy Czulwik, born in 1929, attended the 7-grade Universal School in Orsk, which she graduated in 1943. This is the decision of the District Court for the city of Łódź of October 2, 1962 on the reconstruction of the content of the school certificate of Helena Czulwik. Two of them are letters sent in 1945 by girls and mother to grandparents. They ask questions about health, about individual family members, there are also short information about what is happening to the addressees (mother works, Krysia is learning, and Helenka intends to start working to help her mother). Characteristic is the sentence repeated in both letters: "I do not know anything about Jerzy ..."

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