Adolf Saraniecki’s valuable souvenirs

The collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum has been enriched with the precious donation handed by Mrs. Anna Parmhagan. Meeting with Mrs. Anna was an opportunity to listen to an extremely touching story about the fate of her family. Mrs. Anna is the Adolf Saraniecki’s granddaughter. He was born on December 6, 1884 in Hołoskowo in the family of Piotr and Teofila née Dromirecka. He was a lawyer, a long-time judge, member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (the lower house of the Polish parliament) in first tenure between 1922-1927, a member of the State Tribunal and in 1937 he was appointed Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in Lviv. On April 13, 1940, he was deported with his family to Kazakhstan. After the Sikorski-Majski agreement he was appointed Delegate of the Polish Embassy in Semipalatinsk. The fate of Polish citizens was so important to him that he voluntarily gave up the possibility of leaving the Soviet Union with the Anders' Army. He wanted to stay with the Poles who did not have this chance.

On July 14, 1942, he was arrested by the NKVD and convicted of refusing to accept Soviet citizenship. He was imprisoned in Ała-Ata and then sentenced to stay in the camp. He was transferred to various labor camps. He died on February 14, 1944 in the labor camp in Maryinsk. In 1946, his wife and three daughters returned to Poland.

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