Collections of the Sybir Memorial Museum constitute a bridge between the past and the present.

We invite you to take advantage of our collection on-line

One of the basic tasks of the Museum is collection development. It is, however, a possibility of personal experience of the monuments only that gives sense to their collection. Carefully developed museum collection cannot be a closed construct, separated from the audience, available only to a limited group of specialists. Therefore, we want to present our collections within the permanent and temporary exhibitions. We assume that they will be creatively used in education – especially of children and schoolchildren.

The collection of the Museum is also available on-line.

The Museum collects souvenirs related to deportations of Polish citizens to the East: objects, photographs, documents and memories. Behind each, even inconspicuous object there is a great story. We want to record, tell and protect it from being forgotten.

The Sybir Memorial Museum already has a rich and varied collection of objects related to deportations to the East. Our collection consists of objects and documents of a unique historical value and an enormous emotional load. Each of them tells the dramatic fate of their owners.

The objects are purchased or given as a gift by Siberian Deportees or members of their families. Contact with donors is also an opportunity to record an interview or get a story accompanying a donation. Each story is worth telling and listening. Our task is to record them and pass on to future generations. Therefore, we do our best to protect both the recordings and the Museum collections. We are committed to providing proper and secure storage conditions for all objects, take care of the inventory, conservation, digitalisation and scientific study. All this to make them serve future generations.

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