2. Polish Corps

The temporary exhibition dedicated to the Polish II Corps is not just another attempt to present the same battle of Monte Cassino and the character of General Władysław Anders.The Sybir Memorial Museum would like to present the trail of Polish troops from their inception in the USSR until the time of demobilization, which was carried out in Great Britain. The authors looked at the topic both from the perspective of decisions taken, as well as individual stories and individual human fates.

The exhibition is divided into three parts. It opens at the beginning of the creation of the army and it closes to its post-war fate, showing at the same time a symbolic circle. The culmination of this timeline is the Italian Campaign, occupying a central place at the exhibition.

The way to Freedom is the title of the first cabinet that opens the temporary exhibition. It presents the forming of the Ander's Army and its subsequent evacuation from the USSR, placing these events in the geographical context of the Middle and Middle East. The space was arranged based on maps of evacuation routes and rehearsal to recreate the conditions in which Polish citizens were at the moment of leaving the Soviet Union. Souvenirs, monuments and memories enrich the substantive content with a look from the perspective of a single soldier.

In the next part of "The Italian campaign", viewers will see the map of Italy, on which the combat trail of The Polish II Corp has been marked. Along with its course visitors will go to the most important battlefields and places commemorating the fallen soldiers. The presented militaria are complemented by lesser-known exhibits, reflecting the propaganda, publishing and educational activities of the Polish II Corp.

The bracket closing the exhibition is a cabinet discussing the post-war fate of General Anders' soldiers. The authors of the exhibition will present artifacts depicting repatriations and returns to post-war Poland, as well as the further emigration of some veterans. There will also be decorations of participating in fights, and cerificates wchich document the search for loved ones. The main element of the showcase will be a mannequin, reflecting the appearance of the the Polish II Corp officer - the Captain Stefan Drouet.

Classic exhibition solutions are accompanied by a multimedia kiosk, through which visitors can get acquainted with the materials that expand the narration of the exhibition: the collection of the Sybir Memorial Museum and numerous films and photographs not included in the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for February 2019.

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