When the poppies bloomed on the mountainsides.... the opening of the exhibition

On February 22 at 17:00, at the temporary seat of the Sybir Memorial Museum at 26 Sienkiewicza Street in Bialystok, there was an opening of the exhibition " When the poppies bloomed on the mountainsides...". Part of the presented exhibition and solutions used in it will appear in the new building of the Museum at Węglowa Street.

The new temporary exhibition of the Sybir Memorial Museum was devoted to the Anders Army trail. The authors of the exhibition based their narrative on three aspects: formation of the army and its evacuation from the Soviet Union, participation in the Italian campaign and the post-war fate of the soldiers of General Władysław Anders. They were illustrated with cartographic materials, postcards, posters, photos, original objects related to "Andersians", individual soldiers' histories, and unique artefacts that went to the Museum's collections. The contents presented in the display cases are widened by a multimedia kiosk, in which the visitors will find a number of interesting facts about the Anders Army. For the youngest, an activity corner has been prepared.


At the opening of the exhibition, two mannequins appeared, which were shown for the first time in public. They were prepared for the permanent exhibition, which will be in the new Museum’s seat. The audience will be able to see the silhouette of a soldier of the Polish Army in the East in a tropical uniform and a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps in a garrison uniform. While developing the silhouettes of mannequins, they were inspired by photographs of soldiers from the Museum's collection. Height, facial features or posture were reproduced with the greatest care. Both mannequins will be visible only on the first days. Later, they will be presented several times in the next year to be finally displayed in a permanent exhibition in the new building of the Museum.


The Sybir Memorial Museum from the very beginning of its activity has been conducting a dialogue and establishing cooperation with institutions operating abroad, dealing with the subject of sending Poles to Siberia. The new temporary exhibition of the Museum became a contribution to establishing cooperation with The Foundation for the Memorial Museum of the Polish II Corps in Italy. On the occasion of the vernissage, a cooperation agreement between the two institutions will be publicly signed. The contract will be signed by Pietro Rogacień - the president of the Foundation, son of a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps. Cooperation will concern organization of celebrations, ceremonies and exhibition projects of an educational and cultural character.


The Foundation for the Memorial Museum of the Polish II Corps in Italy is another institution with which the Sybir Memorial Museum has recently been bound by a cooperation agreement. In 2018, the Museum established cooperation with the Kresy-Syberia Foundation, the Roman Foundation of Margrabina J. S. Umiastowska in Rome, the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg, Obwodowym Muzeum Krajoznawczym im. M. B. Szatiłowa w Tomsku i Stowarzyszeniem Rosyjskich Muzeów Pamięci.

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