Thinking about the people who were affected by the tragedy, an exhibition was created in the capital of Podlasie...

In order to remind the residents of Podlasie Białystok about the Siberian community in need, before noon on 20 June 2018, at the Kościuszko Square, we officially opened an outdoor exhibition "Siberian Bialystok". A day later, we invited local media representatives to a meeting at the exhibition. They had an opportunity to learn about the material presented on the exhibition boards, as well as talk to Museum employees who are the authors of the exhibition and animators of the aid campaign for Siberian Białystok as well as scouts who join the fundraising.

The exhibition's guests were invited by the authors: Magdalena Zięckowska-Tuchlińska and Piotr Popławski. Together, we moved about 3,700 km to the East. In the archival photographs, we saw settlers who lived in the Nowa Rybołowskij settlement point over 120 years ago. The builders of Siberian Białystok and the church, were presented in the sepia colors. We get to know their descendants through the prism of the cruel experience of the Bolshevik revolution, the great terror and half-century of communism. Contemporary pictures are a walk through a colorful village in western Siberia, meetings with its inhabitants and a kind of exoticism (in the Western European sense), folklore (in the Eastern European sense).

The most recent photos, however, are the picture of another tragedy. They were made a year ago, just after the fire of the Saint Antoni Padewski church. They show ruins, fragments of relics priceless to the faithful, despair and the immediate effort to rebuild the priceless heritage. They are a cry for help. The post-fire scenes highlight the unfortunate episodes in the history of the city, returning like a boomerang.

Thinking about the people they touched, an exhibition was created in the capital of Podlasie, so that its residents could show solidarity with the inhabitants of Siberian Białystok.

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