The opening of the watercolor of Tadeusz Wojnarski

The opening of the watercolor of Tadeusz Wojnarski

„Portraits accompanies the weapons of the Anders Army” - an exhibition under this title the Siberian Memorial Museum was first shown publicly on October 13 at Hotel Traugutta3 in Bialystok.

The director of the Siberian Memorial Museum, Prof. Wojciech Śleszyński. The official opening of the exhibition was preceded by a speech by the artist's son, Tadeusz Wojnarski junior, thanks to whose kindness the works went to Białystok.

I am very happy to present my father's works in Bialystok. Portraits of his colleagues, soldiers from the 2nd Corps directly show the feelings of these people. I am grateful to the Siberian Memorial Museum for the commitment and organization of this unique exhibition.

The watercolors of Tadeusz Wojnarski presented at the exhibition come from the Italian period of his work, i.e. from 1944–1945. At that time, the artist used every spare moment to paint and train himself. Thanks to this, he immortalized the faces of soldiers and colleagues from the 2nd Corps.

The artist's work, his output and value were presented by Prof. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz in the laudation entitled Exhibition of paintings by Tadeusz Wojnarski by artist general Anders.

Today's exhibition is a moment of restoring to the history of Polish art history the work of a forgotten artist who existed only in the literature residually and whose work was unrecognized. (...) By organizing this exhibition, the Siberian Memorial Museum makes its contribution to building and restoring the full picture of 20th-century Polish art.

The event was graced with the mini-recital of the artist's granddaughter, 10-year-old Zosia. In its performance we heard the Theme of Emma / Leilas by Dirka Reichardt, Etude Op. 10, No. 3 by Fryderyk Chopin and Czerwone Maki na Monte Cassino.

The exhibition can be viewed at Hotel Traugutta3 until November 13.

Photos: Karolina Mosiej-Zambrano/MPS

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