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A suitcase, toys, bedding, dishes ... all scattered in the very center of Bialystok.

On 13 April, on the 79th anniversary of the second mass deportation of Polish citizens to the east, an amazing installation could be seen at the Kościuszko Square in Białystok.

We invite you to look at the photo report from this event, written by Krzysztof Karpiński.

On April 13, 1940, the second mass deportation of Polish citizens to the east began. It touched the families of people previously arrested and prisoners of war. "Family members are the wife, children, as well as parents, brothers and sisters in case they live together," explained the NKVD guidelines. Men accounted for only 20% of those removed in April 1940. Mostly deported were women, old people and children. The lack of men in their prime strength hindered their survival in exile. When transports with families went to the east, husbands and deported fathers perished in the executions of the Katyn Massacre.

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