Independent - eastern lands of the Second Polish Republic

Independent - eastern lands of the Second Polish Republic is a temporary exhibition of the Sybir Memorial Museum dedicated to the celebration of the centenary of regaining independence. With an exposition showing a everyday life in the former lands of the Second Polish Republic, we invite you to visit the interwar village, city and manor. We encourage you to participate actively in it. For example, by reading a reprint of a newspaper from the interwar period at a table in the restaurant of the Ritz Hotel, squatting on a low stool in a country cottage or using a comfortable armchair in a palace salon.

We invite you to Kościuszko Square, where on 11 July 2018 at 18.00 will take place the grand opening. We will be accompanied by music from the epoch which was played live at the Ritz Hotel, performed by Bogdan Obrycki. On this day, we offer guided tours accompanied with historical reconstruction.

The commentary to the exhibition is a catalog in the form of an album. Its presentation will take place during the opening of the exhibition. Catalog's pages will take us on the streets of Vilnius, Grodno, Łuck, in front of the manor of Maria Rodziewiczówna in Hruszowa and to a peasant farm in Polesie. “We wanted to present objects of which history is, at the same time, the history of the Eastern Borderlands inhabitants. Therefore, the illustrations of buildings from Eastern Borderlands were treated as an opportunity to outline a number of phenomenon, political and social issues related to the interwar period in the form of comments" - announce the authors of the publication.

The opening of the exhibition was preceded by an information meeting dedicated the exhibition and accompanying projects: the volume of memories of Edward Pieńskos “Wygraliśmy życie. Z Kresów do Armii Andersa” ("We won the life. From the Eastern Borderlands to the Anders' Army") published by the Sybir Memorial Museum and a series of films “Kresy w przedmiotach zaklęte” ("Eastern Borderlands enchanted in objects").

The meeting was attended by: the President of the city of Białystok - Tadeusz Truskolaski and the Director of the Sybir Memory Museum - Wojciech Śleszyński.

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