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Exhibition The night of February 10th, 1940. We remember

The exhibition was prepared on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the first Polish citizens’ mass deportation into the depths of the Soviet Union. The inauguration of the exhibition took place in Bialystok on February 9th, 2018.

The exhibition consists of 12 black and white boards: 4 - 150 x 180 cm and 8 – 70 x 180 cm, printed bilaterally on the tubond plates which depict the peoples' silhouettes who are holding suitcases in their hands. Memories and faiths of families deported to the East have been written on the surfaces of the boards. Each character also has a small mirror placed in a face's location. Thanks to it the visitor can empathize with the exiles' fate.

The exhibition is accompanied by an online micro-page, which more broadly tells the stories of the exhibition's heroes. QR boards have been placed on several places and they connect the visitors with the micro-page. In this way, thanks to a rich collection of archival photos, we can also see what deportees looked like in the years of their youth.

The exhibition's authors are the employees of the Sybir Memorial Museum's Exhibitions Department: Karolina Mosiej, Piotr Popławski, Monika Szarejko, Magdalena Zięckowska-Tuchlińska.

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