XX Congress of the Pavlodar Deportees in Rewal

After returning from Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, many exiles could not find their place. Like other deportees, they were afraid to talk about their experiences and life in exile. They were not understood, sometimes harassed ... Only after the fall of the Polish People's Republic (Polish: PRL) in 1989 they felt that they could openly tell their story. Today they proudly call themselves Pavlodar Deportees ...

The place of exile, common misery and homesickness interconnected Siberians from Pavlodar. With time, after returning to Poland, they created the Pavlodar Deportees Association, where they ensure jointly that their history is never forgotten. Pavlodar Deportees have been meeting continuously since 1999, but last week they met for the last time. The employees of the Sybir Memorial Museum also participated in this unique convention, during which the Pavlodar Deportees' banner was officially donated to them.

This year's congress took place on June 15-22 and about 100 Siberians from all over Poland took part in it. Representatives of the Sybir Memorial Museum had the opportunity to conduct interviews with the Pavlodar Deportees and gather memories of exile, of the pre-World War II life and after returning to Poland, as well as about changes after 1989.

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