The premiere of a radio play "Białystok ways to freedom. Life on the bumper" is all behind us.

The premiere of the radio play "Białystok ways to freedom. Life on the bumper" is all behind us. The Rembrandt Studio of the Radio Bialystok was filled to the brim with guests, and the evening radio broadcast attracted the attention of all those who were interested in the fates of Michał Zalewski and Józef Kajewski. In the background of pre-war Białystok and the camp in Ostaszków, we experienced the emotions of our heroes. The radio play was deeply moving because of the raised motives: the longing for the family, for the warmth of the family home, a beloved woman, children, as well as a sense of stability and our place in the world. Ryszard Doliński - an actor of the Białystok Puppet Theater played a touching role of the main character - Michał Zalewski. We feel his helplessness in the face of Soviet reality, the bitterness of starting everything from scratch, the breakdown and despair mixed up with the loss of hope for a happy return to his relatives and getting out of the Soviet casemates. He is supported by a younger companion in captivity - in this role we can hear Mateusz Smaczny. The psychological portraits created by the artists will remain for a long time in the memory of the Białystok citizens.

It all began with fragments which come from the diary of Michał Zalewski which is a part of the Sybir Memorial Museum collection.


We invite you to watch the photos from the premiere of the radio play and its implementation (photos from the premiere by MPS, photo from the recording by Monika Kalicka).

Co-financed by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw as a part of the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" Program.

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