The "Life on the bumper" radio play appreciated at the XIX Festival of Two Theaters in Sopot

The actors were appreciated for the creation of the heroes of the radio play Life on the bumper. Bialystok Roads to Freedom ", implemented by the Sybir Memorial Museum in cooperation with the Polish Radio Białystok. Ryszard Doliński received the main actor prize for the role of Michał Zalewski, the owner of the first car workshop in Bialystok, and Mateusz Smaczny received the award for supporting the male role. In the play he performed the role of Józef Kajewski, a friend of Michał Zalewski.

The Festival of the Polish Radio Theater and the Polish Television Theater "Two Theaters" is a competition of radio plays and TV shows, which premiered on the air in the year preceding the festival edition. It takes place once a year in Sopot since 2001.

34 radio plays and 28 television shows took part in this year's edition of the Festival. Among the nominated radio dramas was the radio play "Life on the bumper. Bialystok Road to Freedom ", which was produced by the Sybir Memorial Museum in cooperation with the Polish Radio Białystok. The partner of the event is the Aleksander Zelwerowicz’s Theater Academy in Warsaw The Białystok Branch of the Puppetry Art Department.

The awards were given by a jury chaired by Cezary Harasimowicz (composed of Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Maciej Małecki, Jacek Kopciński, Igor Gorzkowski and Krzysztof Sielicki).

Residents of Białystok will be able to hear once again the story of Michał Zalewski and Józef Kajewski during the Days of the City of Białystok on June 23, 2019 at 20.00 in the courtyard of the Aleksandra Zelwerowicz’s Theater Academy (Department of Puppetry) at ul. Sienkiewicza 14.

The radio play was based on the hero's unpublished memories entitled "Novels of old years", held by the Sybir Memorial Museum and memories of daughter - Iliana Zalewska. The authors of the screenplay are Agnieszka Czarkowska and Gabriela Walczak - journalists of the Polish Radio Białystok.

The heroes of the radio play, Michał Zalewski and Józef Kajewski, meet in the camp in Ostashkov in 1944. From the camp perspective, they narrate the story about pre-war Bialystok. Michał Zalewski returned from Ostashkov to Białystok after two years of captivity in early 1946, and Józef Kajewski left the camp in November 1947. Among the exhibits of the Sybir Memorial Museum is an unusual souvenir - a belt buckle made in Ostashkov by the main character of our radio play - Michał Zalewski.

Ostashkov was associated as a crime scene on Polish officers in 1940, it was also a prison for AK soldiers and civilians in 1944-1947. From November 1944, the Soviets began mass arrests among the Polish population. Three transports left nearly 2900 interned. Most of the deportees to Ostashkov came from the Białystok Province. The majority were soldiers of independence organizations, but among the deportees there were representatives of the intelligentsia, underground state administration and completely random people. The first transports from Białystok to Ostashkov left the Poleski Station (now Fabryczny) at Traugutta street on November 8, 1944. Many of the scenes in our radio play take place in the camp in Ostashkov


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