Discovering history never ends... meeting with Tomasz Grzywaczewski

Discovering history never ends...

The meeting with Tomasz Grzywaczewski can be summed up by such a conclusion. On Thursday evening, we were telling a story about the spectrum railroad, which was abandoned after the death of Stalin - a railway bus in the northern Siberia, which consumed thousands of lives. After 60 years of its closure, you can still find the remains of labor camps, traces of the presence of those who in the fifties were pursuing a crazy Soviet investment.

On the photos presented by the traveler, we saw shoes, bowls and clothes scattered around the taiga - fragments of the past that still tell human stories after years. Despite the passage of time and destructive nature, knowledge about those events can survive. Extracted from oblivion thanks to enthusiasts who are not afraid to take the risk of expedition into the unknown, it begins to live its life, inspiring to further searches, even if it was just reading a book.

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