Museum lessons in the Educational and Exhibition Centre

Museum lessons are an excellent opportunity to broaden educational offer of primary, middle and secondary schools, as well as other educational establishments. They give a possibility to popularise knowledge about Siberia and Polish fate in exile. The educational offer is addressed to children, students and adults. Museum lessons are developed based on scenarios adjusted to the age of visitors. For the youngest ones they focus on education through fun, in work with older age groups both educational prints and multimedia are used. All classes are interactive and include workshop elements. They are prepared on the basis of objects constituting an element of the Museum permanent exhibition. Students become familiar with the history of collected souvenirs and their owners, as well as historical context of deportations and exile. They look deeper into the subject of fauna, flora and indigenous inhabitants of Siberia.

The major task we set ourselves is to interest a young person with different aspects of history of Polish fate in the East, with particular attention to exile and deportations.

To schedule a lesson, please contact the Education and Promotion Department of the SMM, tel. +48 795 650 802

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