Lesson of living history

Eye-witnesses of History

A significant element of educational activities of the SMM is to maintain relations with living Siberian Deportees and initiate contacts especially with children and youth. Regular meetings with living eye-witnesses of history is a priority in our actions. We organise special occasion, anniversary and intergenerational meetings. They take place in the Museum and schools where we arrange the contact. The Sybir Memorial Museum permanently cooperates with the Association of Siberian Deportees, supports their actions, helps to commemorate fates of exiled families. Siberian Deportees, in accordance with the motto Memory for the deceasedconciliation for the living, ensure the memory of their fates is maintained, they are the guardians of the past and share their memories with younger generations.

To schedule a meeting with Siberian Deportees, please call: the Education and Promotion Department of the SMM. Tel. +48 795 650 802

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