Eastern Film Academy

It is a project addressed to enthusiasts of education through cinema. The idea derives from the tradition of film discussion clubs when a film provokes discussion, exchange of thoughts about a presented film work and the subject brought by a film director. The repertoire of the Eastern Film Academy includes films connected with the broadly understood Siberian subject, popularises knowledge related to Siberia as a geographical region and a place of exile of Poles and various nations. A separate place in the Academy actions takes the subject related to the history of former lands of the Second Republic of Poland, historical and social aspects of the Polish-Belarusian-Lithuanian border region and former eastern borderlands. We reach for a drama, a reportage and a documentary commenting history and contemporary reality. Meetings are held on a regular basis. Participants of the Eastern Film Academy have an opportunity to take part in a film presentation and meetings with its creators as well as guests invited especially for this occasion. The entrance is free of charge. With the offer of the Academy we also approach schools.

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