Destination Siberia – educational workshops for children and youth from small towns and rural and community schools

The educational offer addressed to children and youth from small towns, in particular of Podlaskie Voivodeship. Educators from the Sybir Memorial Museum, in the form of off-site workshops, broaden an offer of the school programme, familiarising with the subject of exile and deportations to the East, presenting Polish researchers of native peoples of Siberia and discoverers. Students can become familiar with personal stories of deportees and their fates in Siberia. They learn about Siberia which for many deportees was “the inhuman land”, but also captivated with its fauna, flora, geography and culture of peoples living there. Students talk about circumstances of exile and emotions which could accompany deported children. They learn about conditions in which deportees lived and everyday life under penal servitude, but also uniqueness of Siberia as a geographical region. Classes include film materials, maps, a variety of educational aids. Students use active methods, workshops are supported by drama. We conduct classes upon request in schools, libraries, centres of culture. Among the subjects provided, there are: Siberia in the child’s eyes – memories of small Siberian Deportees; Flora of taiga and tundra; Tales of the nations of Siberia; Bronisław Piłsudski – the king of the Ainu; Siberian Białystok; Everyday life of a deportee in Kazakhstan; In “the inhuman land”

To schedule a lesson/workshops, please contact the Education and Promotion Department of the Sybir Memorial Museum, tel. +48 795 650 802

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