XVII International March in Memory of Siberian Exiles

The International March in Memory of Siberian Exiles takes place annually in Białystok since 17 years. The goal is to commemorate the tragic fate of Polish citizens deported to Soviet Russia in the forties and fifties of 20th century. The March is a sign of remembrance for the Polish Calvary of the East.

The motto of this edition is Fatherland in our hearts and memory. It began at 10:00 AM on 8th September near the Katy┼ä Memorial, at Podle┼Ťna Street in Bia┼éystok. The attenders marched from the Katy┼ä Memorial to The Church of the Holy Spirit at Sybirak├│w Street.

This extraordinary event is always attended by several thousands of guests, mainly Siberian deportees and their faimilies, veterans, as well as the school youth and scouts. Each year there are groups from Australla, USA, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries.

Accompanying events:

Open-air exhibition ÔÇ×Siberia ÔÇô Independence ÔÇô Pi┼ésudski. Commemoration of Siberian deportees in independent PolandÔÇŁ by Sybir Memorial Museum at Ko┼Ťciuszko Square

Temporary exhibition ÔÇťPoles in Kazakhstan 1936-1956ÔÇŁ by Sybir Memorial Museum in the MuseumÔÇÖs Centre of Exhibitions and Education at Sienkiewicza Street no. 26

Temporary exhibition ÔÇťLetters from wartimesÔÇŁ by Bia┼éystok Military Museum at Kili┼äskiego Street no. 7

Two exhibitions by Institute of National RemembranceÔÇÖs Branch in Bia┼éystok: ÔÇťSybiracy. Deportations of Polish citizens to Soviet Union 1939-1941ÔÇŁ and ÔÇťRusty wires keep us away from our FatherlandÔÇŽ The interned in 1944-1947ÔÇŁ presented in cellars and surroundings of the Church of Holy Spirit (Sybirak├│w Street no. 2)


The XVII International March in Memory of Siberian Exiles is organised by Sybirak Society, Bia┼éystok City Council, Sybir Memorial Museum, MarshalÔÇÖs Office of Podlaskie Voivodeship, Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression. The March was implemented from the funds of Bia┼éystok City Council.


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