The night of February 10th, 1940. We remember - artistic installation

The Sybir Memorial Museum would like to pay tribute to the victims of the February deportation through the artistic installation "The Night of February 10th, 1940. We Remember".

This is not an ordinary exhibition. Preparing it, we wanted to go beyond the frames of museum cabinets and standard quadrangle boards. In this way, over a dozen black and white silhouettes of people holding suitcases stood in the space of the center of Białystok. On their surface, fragments of memories and faiths of families deported to the East have been written. Each character also has a small mirror in place of the face, so that each visitor can empathize with the fate of exiles.

The exhibition is accompanied by an online micro-site, which tells the stories of the heroes of the exhibition. Thanks to the rich collection of archival photos, we can also see how they looked like in the years of their youth. The link to the site is HERE.

The inauguration of the entire installation, which took place on Friday 9th February, 2018, was equally unusual. Punctually at 4:00 pm near the Bialystok City Hall, the time has "stopped" for 60 seconds – the participants of opening took part in a short flash mob, during which they froze for a minute in a complete immobility in order to pay homage to the victims of deportation.

Photographers: Artur Sienkiewicz and Agata ZajÄ…czkowska

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