"NKVD’s Polish operation 1937-1938" – exhibition in the Consulate-General of Poland in Grodno

The cooperation of Sybir Memorial Museum with Consulate-General of Poland in Grodno and Polish Institute in Minsk resulted in another presentation of the exhibition "NKVD’s Polish operation 1937-1938".

The exhibition was opened on 9th November 2017 in the consulate building at Budyonny Street 48a in Grodno. Director of Sybir Memorial Museum, Professor Wojciech Śleszyński opened the exhibition in presence of members of Polish minority, representatives of the consulate with consul general Mr Jarosław Książek and the director of Polish Institute in Minsk Mr Mateusz Adamski. The audience went through the exhibition and met its authors.

The exhibition is a part of the Independence Day ceremonies in Grodno. It also added splendour to the consul’s solemn acknowledgements given to the most active participants of the action to protect the Polish memorial sites in vicinity of Grodno.

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