Gone but not forgotten…

We invite You to the Siberian Deportee’s Zaduszki (All Souls Day). The event will start at 5 PM on 10th November in the Puppetry Faculty of Aleksander Zelwerowicz’s Theatre Academy in Białystok (Sienkiewicza 14 Street, room no. 103).

The meeting is organised in memory of Siberian deportees, who passed away but will not be forgotten. They will stay in our memories as ones commited in preservation of the Sybir experience’s remembrance.

A monodrama “Zabrali mnie w nocnej koszuli na Sybir” (They took me to Siberia in a night-gown) by Martyna Kleszczewska will be the event’s highlight.

Admission is free, so feel invited to come!

The event is organised in cooperation with: Białystok Departament of Siberian Deportee Society, Aleksander Zelwerowicz’s Theatre Academy in Białystok, Suwałki Cutlure Centre.

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