Eastern Film Academy – Bronisław Piłsudski

The last meeting of Eastern Film Academy in 2017 took place on 7th December. Together, we watched documentary “Piłsudski B., Majewicz A. czyli Ajnowie a sprawa polska” (Piłsudski B., Majewicz A., that is the Ainu and the Polish cause) by Stefan Szlachtycz.

Bronisław – the elder brother of the Marshall Piłsudski is practically unknown in Poland. He was an outstanding, world-renowned ethnologist, linguist, researcher of the people of north-east Asia. Sentenced to exile for the planned assassination of Tsar Alexander III. He used enforced residence on Sakhalin island for scientific work. He became interested in one of the most mysterious peoples of the world – Ainu, indigenous inhabitants of today's Japanese islands, brutally repressed and murdered by the Japanese. He perpetuated their language, appearance, customs, culture and art. He recorded their music and chants called Yukars on Edison's phonograph. He married Ainu woman. There are descendants of Bronisław Piłsudski in Japan.

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