A story of one photograph – contest for the best family story inspired by a photo

Discover the stories behind old photographs from Your Family archives! Reveal those stories in a literary form, like essay etc., and share them with us. 

The goal of this contest is to inspire You to study Your Family’s history, especially the stories captured in old photographs. Your task is to present  (in any literary form) a story inspired by photographs from Family archives. The literary work should be imbedded in real historical events, related to the topic of deportations, deportations of Poles and other nationalities to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The work should be sent up to 4th December 2017 via e-mail: edukacja@sybir.bialystok.pl

The e-mail should include:

  • Work’s title and description of the used photograph (what does it show, when and where was it taken);
  • Personal data of the contest participant (name, surname, address);
  • Telephone number, e-mail address ;
  • In case of pupils or students, the name and address of their school.

The authors of the best works will receive prizes, gifts and their works will be published.

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